I’m Stephanie, a 26-year-old reporter living in New York City.

I started this blog while I was a graduate student living in Berlin and my then-fiancé was in North Carolina. We thought that planning a wedding while apart would make the extreme-LDR more interesting.

In August, we both moved back to New York, and on October 12, we got married.  It was kind of amazing.

While planning my wedding, walking the tightrope of participation-observation, I became increasingly amazed at the depth and complexity of American wedding culture today. It’s a minefield of gender expectations, marketing strategies, insecurities, and that most confounding of human emotions, love. It’s loud, messy, overpriced and irritating, but I just can’t look away.

So here we are. I’m married, but this topic ain’t goin’ away.

Please join me, dear readers, as I continue to explore the deep and glittery recesses of the wedding industrial complex.


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