Finally, A “Grownup Way” To Carry Condoms

We all know that the Wedding Industrial Complex isn’t just about weddings. It’s about a whole slew of social mores and gender imbalances that start with baby’s-first-tiara and end somewhere between, well… sometimes I think it doesn’t ever end.

The complex is also inextricably intertwined with the dating landscape and expectations about female sexuality.

So we get the same forces that tell women they are princesses just waiting to be a Mrs. also telling them it’s a man’s job to worry about making sure his dick is wrapped up.

We get a scenario that even when a condom is marketed towards women, it’s done so without referencing sex.

And we come to the realization that in 2014, in New York City, grown men still giggle at the thought of women carrying condoms. It’s pretty depressing, if you ask me.

Long story short, I’m really excited about The Plan A Project, the maker of “elegant condom cases to discreetly carry condoms and clear cases to proudly flout taboo.” The designer, Janice Chan, just launched a Kickstarter to raise the first round of funding in order to get this off the ground.

I highly suggest you check it out immediately.

plana video final 01 1280×720 from The Plan A Project on Vimeo.


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