It Turns Out Weddings Are A Lot of Work, Folks

As many of you know, I started this blog while I was a graduate student living in Berlin and my then-fiancé was in North Carolina. Like most masochists, we thought that planning a wedding would make our extreme-LDR more interesting.

You also may have noticed that I haven’t written much since June. Around that time, I entered the final stretch of writing my masters thesis, started looking for a new job, moved back to the U.S., started working at said new job, found and moved into a new apartment, and, you know, continued to agonize over which china pattern to put on my registry.

And while the wedding industry did not leave the forefront of my mind during all that time, I had to put writing about it on hold.

Planning a party in New York City for a hundred some-odd of your closest family members and friends without going bankrupt or losing your mind is, unsurprisingly, quite a time-consumer.

It’s also entirely worth it, if that’s the kind of wedding you want. (We did).

So finally, on October 12, after nearly two years of planning, my husband and I got married.

The wedding was wonderful, beautiful, joyous, booze-laden, and in many ways, traditional.

Don’t worry though — our officiant, a gay atheist ordained online, made sure to keep the language in the marriage pronouncement gender-neutral.

At the reception, a friend pointed out to me that without a wedding to plan, my blog would surely end. I thought about it for a second, but told her that without a wedding to plan, I’d actually have much more time to think about wedding planning. In fact, I’ve got more time than ever, and a whole host of new ideas to share.

Yeah, I’m married, but I still just don’t get elaborate save the date cards.

And I still have a lot more to say about why I didn’t change my name.

So dear readers, if you will, please excuse my long absence and join me again as I continue to explore the deep and glittery recesses of the wedding industrial complex.


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