Experience a Different Kind of Dream Wedding at the Arts Club of Washington

If only I lived in Washington, D.C.:

via The Washington Post

On May 30, you’re invited to witness the union of a bride and her subconscious.

“Dream Wedding,” a site-specific, immersive theater piece by the D.C. arts organization FABUM, might begin like a typical wedding, but instead of a trip down the aisle, it’s a trip through a bride’s dreams, hopes and fears.

Written and directed by Jameson Freeman, “Dream Wedding” incorporates Jungian psychology and Greek mythology to examine the way marriage changes and enlightens a person.

Wedding guests (a.k.a. the audience) will walk through the Arts Club of Washington — a popular venue for real weddings — with each room representing parts of the bride’s mind.

Freeman plays the shadow, a Jungian concept to describe an aspect of one’s personality that one does not accept or realize.

“I find the theme of self-actualization really interesting,” Freeman says. “Now that I’m approaching the point where I’m going to be a husband, I think it’s important to be as self-realized as possible before you take that next step to a union.”

There will be a second showing on June 20, so I hope some of my readers can make it! If you do, please let me know. I’d love to hear more about the experience.


2 thoughts on “Experience a Different Kind of Dream Wedding at the Arts Club of Washington

  1. We wish you were in DC too! This is a really dynamic, original performance work – and maybe no ‘inception’, but it is definitely hosted as a ‘reception’ – wine and sparkling water are served (on the house) during the walk-through show!

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